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Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Things have been incredibly busy, but here’s what’s been going on (in chronological order…)

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Took a trip to Taiwan to visit friends and family. The trip was mostly going around EVERYWHERE in Taiwan to see my bazillion relatives. Since no one in my extended family speaks any English, I had to get good fast at my Chinese, despite not really having had much practice since I went back last time (6 years ago). Unfortunately, Chinese sometimes wasn’t even sufficient -_- When I’d go around to visit relatives in the older generation with my dad, they’d speak in Taiwanese. I probably understood a total of 5% of what they were saying.

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One cool part about this trip was that my younger cousins are now old enough to show me around nightlife in Taiwan. We went to a club called “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect” in Hsinchu and an awesome karaoke place that costed like $15/person for 8 hours of singing. One difference between Taiwanese and American culture is that parents are still not ok with this type of activity, so we had to keep our outings a secret from my aunts and uncles.

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As soon as I got back to the states (Wednesday evening), I went straight back to work Thursday and spent all day Thursday/Friday catching up with what I missed and making sure my 12.6 code was all set to go out on Saturday. Turns out, everything of MINE ran fine with no snags, BUT couldn’t say the same for Isaac’s code. Since I was covering for the release, I ended up staying until ~3pm investigating the cause and fixing his bug -_- Sad that I missed hanging out with Becca and getting to my Tufts’ 5 year reunion BBQ on time. I get to the BBQ about 3 hours late just as things are wrapping up, but did get to see some friends. It’s too bad none of the guys came out, so it was just me and all the girls.

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Continuing on with the craziness that was release/reunion weekend, the Warrior Dash I signed up for was the following day (Sunday). It was basically a 3.1 mile (5k) course with tons of obstacles (jumping over fire, swimming through mud, climbing over walls, crawling under barbed wire). Funnily enough, I finished with better time than the B.A.A. 5K getting 161st place out of like 1100-1200 guys in my age group. If it wasn’t for the 6lbs I gained in Taiwan from eating and not exercising, I probably would’ve done even better. I’m also scheduled to run the B.A.A. 10k tomorrow and the “Color me Rad” 5k in 3 weeks, so I’ve got more busy-ness (?) (not “business” as I had originally typed) ahead in the near future.

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Fast forward to last weekend, I finally received my vanity plates – and of course as you all have probably guessed, they read “DSTYLZ” =D Had to jump through a bunch of hoops (as expected) at the RMV just to pick them up. Bleh. I also took Phillip test driving cars (hence the picture of a million Camrys lined up perfectly). The two sales guys we had were very interesting. The Toyota guy was this Asian dude who was new enough that he wasn’t working on commission, so he gave us completely honest answers about everything and didn’t pressure us at all about buying anything. He was a mechanic for 17 years, so he knew his shit. The Honda guy was interesting in the opposite sort of way. He didn’t really know much…he was this kinda old, really mellow guy that talked and moved incredibly slow. He told us stuff about negotiating price that he really wasn’t supposed to say. It wasn’t a sales tactic either. He told us that they had a meeting in the morning to discuss the lowest price they’d let the 2012 Accords go for and it was basically below the price for a Civic. As soon as his boss rolled around, he stopped talking. Anyways, Phillip is torn right now and is waiting for my dad to get back to decide.

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This past Thursday, athena’s make-shift team of kickball players (composed of people who responded to a posting on SharePoint) swept the BSSC tournament and took home the trophy for “Kickball World Champions”. Not only was our ragtag team undefeated, but we had ZERO runs scored against us. We went to what used to be “Bugaboo Creek” (not sure what it’s called now) to celebrate and took turns chugging beers out of our trophy. I happened to make the winning catch and Lindsay commented saying that I had “ninja hands”. Lol, might be a little racist, but I like it. I’ll take it as a compliment.

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