Weight loss pic update

I’ve plateau’d at around 133lbs and can’t seem to cut the last 3 lbs =(

[singlepic id=64 w=320 h=240]

Not much difference between the 2nd column and the 3rd unfortunately. I’ve been less able to control myself when trying to be disciplined about what to eat. My Panera soup lunch + Subway sandwich dinner has been less than regular lately and I find myself sneaking M&M’s leftover from the Super Bowl. I even lost my Mayorship at the Boston Sports Club, which I held for a very long time! Mega sad face. What do I do? My body is becoming less obedient when I tell it to hold off on junk food and less wanting to get down to the gym and work off those extra calories I’ve been taking in. Mimi says that there are studies that people feel like they’re in starvation mode for 6 years following dramatic weight loss. Mine wasn’t even that dramatic but my body is trying to fatten myself back up again. What I need is less WoW, more sleep, more gym, and more violin. I need to keep my mind active.

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