“I won’t hit my goal until I’m 25.” It was depressing. Then I thought, “I’m going to be 25 anyway, might as well be happy with myself.”

– miss_sunshine (/r/loseit)

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I’m supposedly supposed to hit my goal by February, so I guess I should feel lucky. People like miss_sunshine are a real inspiration and continuing to see success stories like this keeps me re-upping especially when I start to get discouraged. Been off my game the last couple days and somehow managed to gain a whole 1.2 lbs yesterday…yes, I know it’s probably mostly water weight, but still sucks to look at the numbers rollercoaster after it’s been steadily going down for a while. Also, I decided to cheat with ma po tofu (which wasn’t even good) and changing up my lunch from my normal low-cal chicken noodle soup.

I think one major problem is that I’m not varying up the food that I’m eating. Chicken noodle soup and Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Terriyaki can only go so long without getting boring. miss_sunshine suggested this recipe site: which I think I’m gonna take a look at later and try. I did say for a while that I’d start cooking, but never actually took it up. I’ve been getting bored a lot lately, staying up late watching stupid movies, and playing dumb games. I need to get back on the horse and fill my time with productive activities. I have been doing yoga twice a week and 30 minutes of elliptical just about every day, but I think my body needs more activity. I’m going to make it a goal of mine to fill my free time over the holiday season with at least 2 hrs of exercise per day. That should get things back on track.

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