Goal achieved!

I’m a couple days late, but I don’t care! The first goal I set for myself has been achieved!!! I ordered myself a LoseIt T-shirt to celebrate =)

[singlepic id=42 w=300 h=200]

[singlepic id=44 w=300 h=200]

I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but it’s exciting reaching a goal that I’ve set for myself. I’ll post progress pictures tonight when I get a chance. In the mean time, I’m setting a new goal of reaching 130lbs (target date: Feb 16th). Diet is hard, but if you stick with it, the pounds shed off – it’s science!

*Update* Here are the pictures I promised:

[nggallery id=13]

Comparison pic:

[singlepic id=48 w=300 h=200]

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