Halfway point check-in

So, as you can see from the following graph:

[singlepic id=39 w=300 h=200]

I have hit my halfway point (well a little past halfway) of 144lbs! AND I did it a whole week early. I had to endure through tons of temptation at the dev retreat, especially since the food there was DELICIOUS. I was supposed to check in on November 11th, but here I am one week ahead of schedule. Based on my current trajectory, loseit.com says that I’ll hit my goal weight of 140lbs by November 24th (here’s hoping). I’ll take another look then to see if I want to continue dropping in weight. If not, I’m going to start lifting more and packing on more muscle.

I’ll upload some progress pics when I get home tonight.

Update – here’s a progress pic (me after partying it up at Wonderbar sporting a World of Dance dog tag):

[singlepic id=40 w=300 h=200]

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