Hitting a new low…

…in a GOOD way!!! I weighed in at 146.9 lbs today! 6.9 more lbs till I reach my goal weight. Looking back at my graph, I can’t believe I was at 160. Damn, I let myself go. I’ve been sticking to my daily caloric limit and hitting the gym just about every day for the last 3 weeks. I’m proud of myself for sticking to it and excited to see results. I mean, it’s SATURDAY morning, before noon and I’ve already lifted AND done cardio. Phillip (my once chubby brother and now fittest of us 4) and the people of /r/loseit are my inspiration. Going from chub chub to mad fit does wonders and although it’s not the easiest thing, keeping my eye on the end result is keeping me going. I’m not even where I want to be yet and I feel awesome health-wise. I can play an entire ultimate game without feeling winded, run to the bus stop without sweating like I’m in a sauna, and dance all night like it’s my job. I’ve also found myself more energetic throughout the day and more productive at work. A new me is on the way! Watch out.

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