Glasses – a new look

So I went to see the optometrist and as I expected, I need glasses for my right eye. I used to think it was just eye boogers blurring my vision in my right eye, but have come to accept that it’s just not a good eye (thanks Dad!). Weird thing is, I can see and read just fine without glasses (as long as I have both eyes open). The optometrist said that my brain is trained to compensate, explaining why I’ve never had any problems. He suggested that I give the prescription a try for a few months, so that’s what I’m going to do. The weirdest part of the exam was that he threw a bunch of lenses in front of me, none of which seemed to make my vision any better (but I still had to guess “better” or “worse” – some of which I just randomly said one or the other), then magically one worked. It wasn’t a clear image I saw through the lens…but it was clearer. I didn’t quite like his process for determining my prescription, but he said that it’s not completely clear since my eye isn’t used to it. I guess we’ll see when the glasses come in.

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