Diet day two

I’m actually feeling pretty good about today. Instead of getting the usual Caramel Latte at Panera (420 calories) I substituted a cup of iced coffee with cream and sweetener (33 calories). With a budget of 1,558 calories, I consumed a total of 1,761 calories and burned 1,040 calories from 30 minutes on the elliptical and an hour and a half playing ultimate frisbee (mega loss 14-1, but I scored the only point – yay!). That leaves me with a net 837 calories under my daily target – woohoo!!! My quads are super sore from the 3×3 175 squats that I did yesterday to get my first fitocracy achievement and I just so happened to pull my calf on the last point – making walking up and down stairs super painful. Coming home from a tiresome game tempted me with the last Klondike bar in the freezer, but I resisted temptation and ate a banana and had a glass of orange juice instead. Very proud of myself 🙂

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