Working towards a new me

I’ve got in the habbit of going down to the gym and running on the elliptical daily for 30 mins (incentivised by reading A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin on my Kindle) but still have yet to improve my diet. So far I have seen improvements in my endurance during soccer and frisbee games and a lowering of blood pressure just from the cardio, but I’ve yet to see any physical improvements.

As advised by my doctor, I’ve been measuring my blood pressure regularly on my new Withings Blood Pressure Monitor (purchased after buying and very much enjoying the Withings Wifi Body Scale).

[singlepic id=31 w=300 h=200]

Both offer the convenience of measuring bp/weight and storing measurements online. You can easily monitor these measurements online in graph format as well as on your iPhone. Unfortunately, the salty foods I enjoy are the reasons for my high blood pressure.

80% of losing weight is diet and 20% is exercise

Now with two reasons to improve my diet, I need to stop making excuses. I’m going to start logging what I eat on and find ways to eat healthier. Hopefully, posting my progress online will keep me honest. I’ve also signed up for where they give you little goals/quests/achievements for completing certain workouts. I want to be able to post a success story on Reddit (/r/loseit or /r/fitness) someday with a dramatic difference in my before/after pics. Wish me luck!

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