iPhone 4S

Ordered the iPhone 4S.

Having used the iPhone 3G for a while now, the time to upgrade is long overdue. Unlike some people who get a new phone every couple months (*hint* Mimi / Phillip *hint*), this will be my first new phone for almost 3 years. I’m not too keen on the square back that it shares with its predecessor, but who knows…it might grow on me.

“I heard from a friend that I could drop my phone a hundred times and apple would still let me exchange it for a brand new one cuz I’m cute”

– Mimi Liu

Buying the thing was such a headache…As I expected, the new store didn’t go up exactly at 12am PST (3am EST). Took apple about an hour to get the new site launched. With the delay, I figured I should try to get through the order process as quickly as possible to beat the server hammering, but…unfortunately, I couldn’t. I even tried the AT&T website with no luck. By 4am, I decided to take a break from getting the “no response from server” error messages and wait it out. I proceeded to take one hour naps and tried again each time I woke. Apple eventually had to take down the site at 5am. By 6am, it was fully functional and I got my order through!

I should be getting it Friday, October 14th – so stay tuned!

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