Living the life of a developer is interesting. From the four years I’ve worked, here’s what I’ve gathered:

  • Getting to work by 10:15 is a much easier task than waking up for an 8:00am class.
  • Having an awesome salary straight out of college can lead you into buying stupid frivolous things – although I am trying to be more responsible with my money (ie. buying a house)
  • Working with very smart/dorky people can be a pro and a con – ie. generally work is done well/correctly, not-so-common cases where something is not done correctly it’s hard for a developer to admit fault and fix his mistake. (Also, developers can be somewhat socially awkward/weird as well…)
  • From what I’ve observed, the best developers undervalue themselves and the worst, overvalue themselves.
  • You cannot move up without having good business sense (ie. very difficult for awkward developers to get promoted)
Probably more to come. I find that I generally fit in with the more successful (somewhat less awkward) developers at my company, however, I lack in technical ability compared to them. It’s a weakness I wish I could gradually improve upon, but I always find myself sliding backwards…I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong, but maybe getting some guidance from my new manager will help =/
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